General Chemistry

A Comprehensive Set of Lectures for Two Semesters of General Chemistry | taught by Chad McAllister

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If you are struggling with general chemistry then you have come to the right place! Chad has been teaching chemistry for close to 20 years and incorporates helpful analogies and humor into his lectures making chemistry both understandable and enjoyable. This course contains a comprehensive set of video lectures and outlines covering two semesters of university general chemistry. This course will also benefit students taking high school and/or AP Chemistry, those who are studying for the SAT or GRE chemistry subject tests, and for those preparing for the ACS standardized final exam.

-Over 20 hours of video lectures

-A 36-page set of outlines

Chad also has a premium course available on that includes:

-Over 1100 practice questions with detailed solutions (and over 600 video solutions)

-Expanded outlines (66 pages)

-Higher quality videos (5 times higher bitrate)

Chad McAllister
Chad McAllister

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Chapter 11 Intermolecular Forces and Phase Diagrams
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Chapter 13 Solutions and Colligative Properties
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Reviews (80)

The Only Reason I understand Chemistry

by Leni Varghese
Chad teaches the concepts so well. My professor, although good, doesn't explain the concepts well enough. Instead, he relies on "that's how it works". Chad will explain the concepts in a simple manner that makes you understand why and how. Without him, I would fail. Thank you Chad!


by Paola Reyes


by Raabia Malik
Chad is very clear when explaining things that are hard to otherwise understand. This is still hard material so I don't always understand the whole subject even after watching his videos but I get the bigger picture much better after I watch his videos. I am so glad I discovered his courses!
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The Only Reason I understand Chemistry

by Leni Varghese
Chad teaches the concepts so well. My professor, although good, doesn't explain the concepts well enough. Instead, he relies on "that's how it works". Chad will explain the concepts in a simple manner that makes you understand why and how. Without him, I would fail. Thank you Chad!


by Paola Reyes


by Raabia Malik
Chad is very clear when explaining things that are hard to otherwise understand. This is still hard material so I don't always understand the whole subject even after watching his videos but I get the bigger picture much better after I watch his videos. I am so glad I discovered his courses!


by aliza levy
Finding these reviews truly changed my life. I was in the middle of my chemistry course, getting very low grades, and feeling ready to give up. I watched many videos online and didn't feel like anything was helping. Finally, a friend recommended Chad to me. I watched all the videos for Chemistry 1 until the chapter we were up to. After getting 2 bad test grades, the test I took immediately after starting Chad I got an 88! I was ecstatic. I felt like I finally had hope and I could do well in Chem 1 and all other courses that I could use Chad for! Chad is an amazing teacher and explains the material so well. I truly wish I could have more teachers like Chad. Thank you!

General Chemistry

by Saja Said
Chad is amazing! He accurately explains all of the material and comes up with clever ways to grasp certain aspects of the course.

Thank you

by Hadeel Tumeh
I'm very happy with this course. I had a very bad professor and this helped me to get a very high C after failing my first test. I had only 3 tests and they were worth 50% each. I'm taking Chem 2 now, I'm going to class, and doing this course as the semester is going. Thank you for your help and thank you for providing this at a reasonable price. We are students and it's hard to pay a lot sometimes for things that we need. God bless you :)

Better than the textbook!!!

by Twishi Puri
I actually found this course after already finishing my first semester in general chemistry and honestly this is so much better than learning straight from the textbook. Chad only gives the information that we really need to know, whereas the textbook would give you everything and you will have to decide what is important and what is not. I suggest watching the video on a chapter then solving as many problems as you can from your textbook from that chapter.


by Kat Kamil
Overall, I like the teaching style and how the topics are approached; while I do have to go through more thorough notes, the videos give a good general idea of each topic.

Best Chem Professor Ever

by patrick nguyen
Chad is an excellent lecturer that teaches a wide variety of subjects. I have used his videos for both Ochem and Gchem and have been in the top of my class for both. I would say that Chad was better than both of my real instructors.

Chad! Chad! Chad!

by Nikki Zemel
WOW! This is a great review. I recommend it to all. This is the clearest and most understandable video I have ever watched on chemistry. Thank you Chad!!


by Christy LaFlamme
The perfect little review for science courses! I love them!

by Cia Brooks

by Shifra Gottesman

by Nora Moustafa
This course is a life saver! Gen Chem would've been a pain if I didn't have these videos! Chad makes the concepts MUCH simpler and goes over very helpful examples.

Fantastic, Chad Saved My Grade

by garrison ganwosky
My Chemistry Teacher was not explaining things well at all and a friend turned me onto Chads Videos. I love how simple Chad explains the concepts. The videos were short as well so I could watch a video and then do homework problems to reinforce what I learned. I would recommend Chads Videos to anyone.


by William Mulkern
I really wish that I had you as a teacher because simply watching your videos makes chemistry fun. I'm in CHM-114 and I constantly find myself on this website for extra help. Keep doing what you're doing because it's helping a lot more people than you think it is.


by laura DIAZ
I'm gracefull your explanation is right on the point and yet explain more than just an introduction. good to learn the material quick and effective.

Life saver for a person who's retaking chem 2!

by Anna Truong
Chad really dumbs the concept down for you which is amazing because most chem professors and textbooks always seem to add extra info or extend teaching the concept, confusing a lot of students with not only understanding the concept but the math as well. The videos are a decent timed duration so I don't spend hours on end learning like in class. Example problems are worked out, but most importantly the main idea is clearly received and that's what is really important for me.


by Connor Phillips
Have my CHM114 mid-term tomorrow and these videos saved my butt!! Super easy to understand the concepts! Will definitely kill it tomorrow, thanks for putting these videos out there!

by abdulaziz Alnawah

by peter m

by Mia Wilson

by Fabianna Himet

Awesome Review

by Rebecca Lopez
Everything is so detailed, makes sure everything is extremely clear, and even learning things that I wasn't taught when I first learned the topics! I really liked the practice problems that were added to a couple of the topics, that really helped. Thanks a lot Chad!

Great course!

by Dominique Oliver
I wish I would have known about Chad's Videos in college I would have done so much better in my freshman year courses! He explains things so well and down to earth!

A+ videos

by John Lim
So many topics and concepts are covered in the videos. Chad's explanations with supporting examples are super helpful, and easily understood. Thank you Chad!

Excellent Review

by nemo aye
The humor, the punctuality, the mnemonics, and the clear explanations in a concise manner make this review a MUST-KNOW link for any student involved with STEM fields. High-school students reviewing for exams and university-level students seeking review. I wish I had knew about this years ago. Thank you for your time and making this open-access.


by doaa elshouny
This course is a great aid in understanding the chemistry.thanks for make it available

by meshkat parsa


by katherine reynolds
I am not great with Chemistry and I am actually learning things. The way Chad describes everything is very understandable. Thank you so much for putting this up for everyone to use.

Chad's Videos are AMAZING

by Sydney Finster
Chad is a lifesaver! I genuinely feel like I understand chemistry so much better than I ever have because of his explanations! A natural born teacher, makes things very easy to understand and uses memorable examples. So so grateful he has his videos up for everyone to watch! Thanks Chad :)


by Curtis Warcup
Great course! Very detailed and uses amazing analogies. Keep up the amazing work.


by Cindy Zhang
very easy to follow through and gives good examples !!!

by Vy Ngo

Rate this course!

by Tim Holbert
I love this! Wish I would have heard of it sooner!


by Jared Terrell
Chad, Simply put you are a chemistry whiz. You are one of the best teachers I've seen yet and you allow us to view your videos for free. Thank you!

by Yara Marghani

by Pragya Rajpurohit

by jasmine williams

by Jocelyne Ruelas

So Helpful!

by Lauren Tamburrino
Love these videos! I am taking Gen Chem 1 and these videos have honestly saved my life when studying for a test!

by shamaila ijaz

Super Duper Helpful

by minh ton
I realized that I have forgotten so many important concepts from watching these videos. Bless your soul, Chad, for making this a free program. I am a poor college student, and without this, I would not know what to do. Thank you so much for the help. Everything he said is super helpful and worth memorizing. Good luck with your tests. PS. Stuff that never made sense in class before, finally made sense when Chad's explaining them. Great videos to watch for further understanding and connecting different concepts. Also, on 20.2, I can't figure out why the balanced nuclear rxn product turns out to be 93 protons instead of 91 protons. Please help.

All the videos

by Marsha-Kay Hutchinson
All the material is fantastic! Great teacher! He explains the content very well. Material laid out in a very simple manner.


by quaston murray
Simplifies difficult concepts for you to understand. Just overall a great resource. 10/10!

by jefferson dai

Very helpful so far. Videos are concise and feel that there is little down time

by Zachary Burk
It's great way to review chemistry and work through all the concepts without feeling that I'm wasting time on explanations. Everything is concise. Would be nice if there were more quizzes

by Stacey Morris

by Erika Larson

by Trey Westfall

Easy to watch easy to understand!

by Jenna Alloush

by sydney patterson

Great Course

by Michelle Lukas
Chad explains everything so well so it's understandable.

Simply Incredible

by William Connell
It is astounding that this collection of instruction is available so readily. The information is laid out in an easy to navigate way, and each video has what you need to understand a concept. What's more, Chad does a great job delivering the information--keeps your attention the whole time. Just fantastic all around. After watching a video here I'm ready to tackle homework or practice problems while studying. I'm so grateful to Chad for doing this.

Best Review

by Snigdha Ila
By far one of the most comprehensive review's I've ever seen. Really helped me with Chem!

General chem

by sarah oyekoya
Everything about your videos are helping me and I wish I was in your class because I thin i would actually pass with an A I honestly do not know what I would do without your website and I'm hoping this helps when I go to grad school too! Thank you so much God bless you

by Nathan Nguyen

Great Review Class

by micaela rodas
Chad teaches Chemistry in such a way all students can learn easily and clearly.

by eman gewida
thank you so much for amazing videos, this is where i learned chemistry and organic chemistry.

Awesome chem teacher that I wish I had in high school

by Hilary Thieu
I loved listening to your lectures! everything is so simple now and I wish I knew about you much sooner!

Incredibly helpful.

by Tho Dinh
Chad's Videos is by far the most helpful resource available whether you're learning this material for the first time or brushing up for a major entrance exam. His approach is practical, succinct, systematic, and very comprehensive. He is a really talented teacher and countless students have benefited from his hard work. Thank you so much, Chad.

by Natalie Danisi

Excellent descriptions

by Cyndi Reck
This course has made learning chemistry much more enjoyable and has helped me remember a lot more of the concepts then when I was taught the first time.

by Zachary Trammell

by Jen Yau

by Mo Miller

Chem 2

by josin tom
Great Review.

General Chemistry

by Justina Esuola

by Marcus Singh
Chad is the best teacher !!!

VERY Helpful

by Elie Abboud
Explains very clearly and gives you only what you need to do. Thanks

Great Study tool

by Keith January Jr

Great review for those who are taking big tests

by Tam Pham
Chad has the most crystal clear explanations of concepts that you probably missed out in Gen. Chem or your professor have never covered it before. It's totally worth your time going through every single video and take notes.

Excellent Course

by vanesa tomic
Very helpful.

by Renee Browning

The best for a reason!

by Lucero Rodriguez
Chad summarizes the main points of general chemistry efficiently and in a way that enables effective retention of the material. Definitely give this course a try, and you will see what I mean for yourself!


by Mohamad Ghattas
Straight to the point, and Chad is a beast at explaining tough concepts

A great refresher course!

by Kathryn Chaffee
It has been a few years since I took General Chemistry and these videos help me brush up on all of the topics in a quick, efficient manner. Chad, you are a lifesaver!

100% the BEST

by Rachel Koruo
This course is so great and comprehensive! Thank you so much! I really regret taking a Kaplan course, because these videos are so much better.

by Armando Shehi

by Esther Yuabov