Organic Chemistry

A Comprehensive Set of Lectures for Two Semesters of Organic Chemistry | taught by Chad McAllister

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If you are struggling with organic chemistry then you have come to the right place! Chad has been teaching chemistry for close to 20 years and incorporates helpful analogies and humor into his lectures making organic chemistry both understandable and enjoyable. This course contains a comprehensive set of video lectures and outlines covering two semesters of university organic chemistry. This course will also benefit students preparing for the GRE chemistry subject test.

-Over 20 hours of video lectures

-A 48-page set of outlines

Chad also has a premium course available on that includes:

-Over 750 practice questions with detailed solutions (and over 150 video solutions and counting)

-Expanded outlines (over 75 pages)

-Higher quality videos (5 times higher bitrate)

Chad McAllister
Chad McAllister

Course Curriculum

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Chapter 1 Molecular Structure and Bonding
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Chapter 2 Acids and Bases
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Chapter 3 Nomenclature
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Chapter 6 Introduction to Reaction Mechanisms
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Chapter 22 Carbon-Carbon Coupling Reactions
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Reviews (96)

great job!

by Bowen Xiao
the videos explain the concepts clean and clear. I am using it before my test, and you do help a lot to quickly acquire the key points of each chapter.

orgs review

by Agatha Sleboda
These videos are amazing! Everything is so straightforward and clear. You explain everything so well. Thank you for all your help!

O Chem Final Test Review

by Colbi Swoope
Hello! I am a student at Virginia Tech struggling in O chem and my tutor suggested these videos! I am not preparing for my final and they have benefitted me greatly! Such a great resource! I will definitely be checking out your videos for other courses for the future! More understandable than Khan Academy! Khan uses easier examples where you provide a basic understanding and then go into harder material!
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great job!

by Bowen Xiao
the videos explain the concepts clean and clear. I am using it before my test, and you do help a lot to quickly acquire the key points of each chapter.

orgs review

by Agatha Sleboda
These videos are amazing! Everything is so straightforward and clear. You explain everything so well. Thank you for all your help!

O Chem Final Test Review

by Colbi Swoope
Hello! I am a student at Virginia Tech struggling in O chem and my tutor suggested these videos! I am not preparing for my final and they have benefitted me greatly! Such a great resource! I will definitely be checking out your videos for other courses for the future! More understandable than Khan Academy! Khan uses easier examples where you provide a basic understanding and then go into harder material!

by elnaz abedian
Great Course! Can't thank you enough.


by ghazel gh
Chad you really saved me in Orgo Chem!

Why I went from a C to an A

by Shireen Salem
Seriously, this man is a godsend. I didn't understand much of anything my professor was saying, until my friend told me to check out Chad's videos. I finally got a 94 on my exam (which is the first time I've ever gotten above a 90 on a chemistry or orgo exam). I am very thankful. Please keep up the good work!!!

extremely helpful

by zimzim mohamed
I come here before i read the book chapter for o-chem, and it really helps me follow the material in the book well when i have this prior information in my head already. It also helps me prep for lecture! THANK YOU!

by Rafi Chowdhury
I wish you were my professor for times I am taking chemistry.

by Cassidy Colby

by cailyn strupek

by Ammara Sajid

by Barry Chan


by Alejandra Molina
Chad has helped me understand organic chemistry like no one has been able to, very thankful for his services!

by John Estuace

by Shaina Muskat
Super helpful! Chad covers all aspects of the topic and makes it clear. He gives examples and hints to remember things.

by sena west

Great Fundmental Lectures!!

by Habin Park
I have been using Chad's teaching for years since I was an undergraduate student. No hesitation needed to begin to study with him.

by Kipa Shakya


by Nicole Lerebours
I had a horrible experience for Orgo 1, my professor was a nightmare and as a result I had a poor foundation going into Orgo 2. I discovered Chad and his videos have saved my grade (well they would have if I had discovered him sooner...). I plan on re-taking Orgo 1 and using Chad to help get me through it. Just a God send, I recommend him to anyone who needs the help!

Chad is a Life Saver

by Andrew William
Only reason im passing Organic Chemistry. Incredible.

by Fareed Tareen

Professor Chad ROCKS !

by Behnaz Neuforge
Excellent professor who knows what he is talking about AND is able to instill his knowledge into students in an efficient way. One professor who can make learning science be actually enjoyable not a torture :-)

by Noorpreet Kaur

by sarah rifaie

Awesome video series!

by Naira Abou-Ghali
I don't have a great professor for organic chemistry and these videos saved my life. I would like it if they followed the curriculum more closely though. My textbook has a chapter on an intro to reactions and radicals, and all I could find was one video on it. I recommend that Chad upload more videos! The ones that are here are very specific, and helpful only if you've done the reading beforehand, and have a general idea of what the section covers. They are not that introductory, but are great enough for learning the subject for the first time.


by Fatima Khan
I was recommended this course by a friend today. Informative and engaging! Great way to clear some concepts up + review. GREAT JOB THANK YOU WOOOOOOOOO


by Noor Rizvi
The way you explain things are so clear and helps so much! If I watch your videos after my regular professors lecture I can finally understand what she was saying in the notes. I've tried the textbook in the beginning of the semester but I quickly realized my professor recites the book almost verbatim which makes it difficult to digest the material. Because of your lectures so far I still have an A in the class which is amazing considering how much I struggled in gen chem.

Organic Chemistry- Chapter 5

by Mark Bigbey
Awesome instruction and tips. I appreciate this. I actually have a much easier time understanding concepts described by Chad as compared to my lecture teacher in class. Overall, a pleasure learning from Chad. Thank you! CHAD IS THE GOAT OF OCHEM

Its realy help

by rahaf rousan

by Ben Vu


by jasmine kov
You save my life before exams!!!! Thank you so much Chad!!!!

chapter 5

by shireen dawud
rellay learned and undertood up to pat 3 but after that got a little lost would be helpful if you did more examples

by luisa ayala


by Bela Pandya
Chad, you are literally the best orgo teacher. Because of these videos, I am doing well in my orgo class and because of you, I got an A in my gen chem 2 course. I wouldn't have passed gen chem if these videos did not exist. Thank you for putting in time and effort into these videos because they are my lifesaver!

by Kayla Blisard

Thank you so much!

by Samantha Yankson
My Organic professor teaches in a style that does not adhere to my need so i just watch your videos. They have been really helpful for me, and have allowed me to do tremendously better in this course

Excellent Prof !!!

by Tammam Noori
You are great Chad !!! Keep doing what you are doing. Sincerely.

Awesome Videos

by Aarij Abbas
The way he breaks everything downs makes learning Orgo easy for even those who have never been comfortable with chemistry!

Stereoisomers chapter 5

by Katie Althaus
I like how you use multiple examples to show different situations and use comparisons that are related to real life. These videos are a great extra help tool in addition to University lectures to help understand at a slower pace and better to comprehend.

Thank you so much, you really understand the material

by Beyonce aman
I like this professor because he is different from my professor. My professors don't explain the reason behind concepts and just give it to the student, but Chad explains everything including why there are exceptions and all. Makes understanding concepts easy. Thank you so much. You are a great teacher!

by norma burciaga

Simply the best

by bryson bellaccomo
Chad is an excellent, natural teacher and that's obvious immediately. His courses are thorough and laid out in an intuitive way that allows the material to build on itself. These videos and study guides are the most useful tools available to students.

Thank you Chad!

by Shaghayegh Sadi
By far, the best, the most helpful, and the most affordable Organic Chemistry source available to students and whoever wishes to learn OCHEM with ease. Chad, I cannot thank you enough for preparing these amazing videos and making them available to everyone. You are a blessing, and just saying thank you will never repay your kindness.


by Monica Nessim
Super helpful and straight to the point, easy to understand. Thank you Chad!

I love you so much Chad!!

by Nghi Nguyen
Honestly, I love this course so much! His explanation is so easy to understand! The examples are great! I highly recommend watching these videos in order to get some of the basis concepts of organic chemistry. Then practice always help!!

Organic Chemistry

by Melissa Thomson
AWESOME!! I have been helped so much by Chad’s Videos. My teacher sometimes has a hard time explaining the concepts well, but Chad makes them so easy to understand!

Molecular structure

by Stacia Brooks
Two weeks of confusion in Orgo class and then one 20 minute video from Chad and the lightbulb goes off!!! With one week left till my first Orgo exam... I love you Chad! I should have watched you sooner. Btw, I used you to study for my Gen Chem cumulative final (which was based on the ACS exam) and scored 203 out of a 200 point exam!

Chad is the best

by Jacoby Liddiard


by Emma Perez
Phenomenal review course; he's amazing!!

Chiral/Achiral Molecules

by Khawla Abuaqel
After taking organic chemistry at my university and constantly being lost, I am now able to watch a few videos that will leave me with a clear understanding of these topics!

by Mia Lewis

loved it !

by ann d
super informative and attention-keeping

by ashley rollins

Thank you!

by Carrie Watson
GOD BLESS THIS MAN. Thank you for these videos.


by Annie Wampler
Very helpful and thorough review for me

Great Review

by minh ton
I love the personification of all the compounds. It's a great way to make O-chem fun and easy to remember. Don't worry about being a chem pervert. LOL. My organic chem professor used to call nucleophile, male and electrophile, female. I remembered that because I actually wrote it down on my note as such. LOL. In a way, I see the recurring themes in O-chem instructors. Please never stop doing it. Otherwise, it would be the most unbearably boring thing in the world.

by Leah Wu
Give this man a cookie

by Elma Rahman

by Julie Loewen

by Craig Craigory


by Gerald Williams
Chad breaks down the information so well that i am never confused. Thank You Chad!

by Englise Cardone

Great Teacher:)

by Lina Khalaf
One of the best Chem. videos out there and so easy to follow along!


by Emily van Rensburg
Thank you chad. You have made the impossible possible. I can now wrap my head around Ochem that I took 2 years ago. Thank you.

by Sydney Goldstein

by Bakr Jandali

by Sykes Thompson


by Sheld'onia Evans
Very informative and keeps the lessons interesting. Uses relatable topics to help explain the tougher subject areas. Highly recommend the course if you need help!

The course is awesome, but the new system not so much.

by AJ A
I like how the major topics have been subdivided. I'm taking Organic Chemistry right now and my class has a different set of topics (e.g., NMR Spectroscopy in week 2), so it helps to jump to one topic from another. However, my main gripe is about how the buffering is so slow. I noticed that the video is divided into tiny segments. This kind of loading system is problematic. My internet connection is 50 mbps (i.e., faster than your typical household speed in the US) and I'm already having issues.

by Nhi Pham

Organic Chemistry

by marsha owca
Amazing and concrete review and summaries of the major concepts.

by Jessica Walton

by Skyler Stephens

Organic Chemistry Made Easy?

by Connor Lynn
Chad - As a rising Junior taking Orgo I and II in an accelerated five week course, your information has proved invaluable. Thank you & best wishes. P.S. You should be teaching this course, and not just be a helping hand. You have come more recommended than any chemistry professor I have ever found. Best wishes.

Pretty gud

by sonny kim
Really gud Chad, As a university student especially at the "higher ranking" schools like mine, professors often forgot to fully explain certain things and jump right into unique cases and complicated examples. This course teaches you the meat and bones of the course that ultimately all the complicated cases refer to.

by calvin burkholder

Amazing Resource

by Junn Cho
Chad does an amazing job explaining all these difficult concepts that I struggled with and made them very easy to understand.

Chad's Videos Organic Chemistry

by Tanner Storbeck
They are very helpful. Chad is very easy to understand and learn from.


by Valentina Douangdara
Thank you Chad for your explanation of NMR spect. I now have a better understanding of it and I am feeling confident in my test on Monday.


by janice darko
It was really really good, I am in love with Chad :-) lol. I now understand chemistry because his explanation is straight to the point, and most importantly it's free, helping us the poor college students, God bless you.

by vaishnavi dusi

by Zachary Trammell

by Hanadi Abe

by Fatima Chahine

Organic Chemistry

by Braden Harris
This course is a lifesaver! Chad explains everything so well and makes it all so easy to understand. This is a great tool to use along with my organic chemistry course at my school. Chad has helped me receive the grades I wanted! Thanks Chad!

Highly recommended, one of the best resources for Organic Chemistry online!

by Myrna Coelho
Chad's videos helped me significantly improve my grade in Organic Chemistry. His videos are clear and thorough, and even interesting! Highly recommend it to anyone needing extra help understanding the material. Will be taking Chads Gen CHEM course to prepare for the DAT. Thank you so much for posting these videos, Chad, you are the best! You will be a part of my success if I make it to dental school :)

by Justin Azarian

Best source for Orgo.

by benas jakubauskas
I wish I knew about this when I was taking Organic Chemistry. Makes everything understandable and easy!

Best tutor ever!

by Zena Alsaraf
If it wasn't for you chad, I promise you i wouldn't not have 4.0 Organic chemistry or general chem. You are the man chad!! Thank you for helping out so much with organic chemistry. God bless!


by Ali Terrell
This course is amazing. I am taking the course at my school and do not have a great professor. This course is great supplemental material and is the reason Im doing so well in my class. I am so thankful that someone took the time to make these videos and post them for free. This course is a HUGE help. The videos are great at explaining things and making concepts more clear.

by Cynthia Alfonso

Great substitute for those who haven't taken Ochem for DAT

by patrick nguyen
Chad is a very knowledgable person who outclasses many chemistry professors I have had. He makes a difficult subject easier to understand by breaking things down to its simplest components.


by Sewon Yang
Really helpful free lectures.

Awesome OChem learning material.

by Youjia Ma
I heard about Chad from many many YouTubers and students who scored high on DAT, and they always say "Chad is the guy that saves my life". And I completely agree. I struggled with OChem when I took it at college, especially the chapter regarding Isomer and stereochemistry. I was super discouraged because my professor made the determination of chirality very confusing and difficult. I failed that chapter evidently. But Chad used his own simple, straightforward way to show that determination of chirality is really not that hard, and he avoids talking about ways that will make the determination more confusing. When I used his technique to redo exercises on my OChem textbook, I did not make any more mistakes. Thank you so much, Chad!! I will definitely recommend Chad's learning materials to anyone who needs help with chemistry.

Chapter 13.1

by Justin Reeb
The mass spectrometry video's audio is not correct. Overall the course is so far great.

by Armando Shehi